Percentage Of Google Clicks On First Page

This video will show you exactly how to rank in Google using strategies that are working right now (in 2022).

So, what will you learn in this new video?

First, I’ll show you how to find low-competition keywords. Some of these are long tail keywords. But some of them get a decent amount of searches. Either way, these are terms that you’ll want to target because there isn’t a whole lot of competition on Google’s first page.

Next, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Search Intent. If you want to rank #1 in Google today, you need to get SUPER good at Search Intent. It’s a requirement for ranking.

Then, I show you how to use videos to improve your rankings (and to get more traffic from Google). This isn’t as important as something like keyword research. But it definitely helps.

This is just a preview. I also cover Featured Snippets, video SEO, CPC, promotion and more.

So check out the video so you can learn how to rank #1 in Google.

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