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When you’re planning on buying backlinks, it is important to get familiar with the different high-quality link building services you can get from SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Here are some types of link building services that can help you get white-hat backlinks for your website in 2022:

Tiered backlinks services are the most common among white hat backlinks services. If you decide to get a tiered backlinks service for your website, you will definitely see the difference compared to when you just buy links. Unlike backlinks that you get from individuals or businesses that let you buy backlinks cheap, high-quality backlinks come from websites that get quality backlinks themselves. Tiered link building SEO services are much more affordable than paying high authority websites to publish your guest post. The way it works is one website gives your website a backlink and that website gets more backlinks from other multiple websites and the other websites get more backlinks and so on and so on.

Business listing backlink services are another great way to boost your Google search ranking. If you don’t have any clue how to find website backlinks that can boost your SEO ranking, one place you should look for is business listings or business citations. Business listings and citations offer exposure and additional authority to businesses and websites. Adding links from your Google My Business listing for one is a great way to get business listing backlinks. One thing agencies know about how to get backlinks to your site is using business directories to get backlinks from targeted pages.

A dofollow link is basically a backlink that lets the origin site pass authority to the destination site while nofollow links do not. This means that if you want to boost or power up your website’s domain rating, you should work on acquiring dofollow backlinks. Always remember to ask your link building agency what kind of backlinks they will be giving you. If you want to buy backlinks for SEO, keep in mind that the best link building service should contain an SEO strategy for getting dofollow links that can increase your website authority.

Building backlinks with other high authority websites guarantees you’ll get a higher domain rating for your own website as well. Not many people know how to buy high-quality backlinks from high authority websites. This is why you can still find plenty of websites today with low domain ratings.
On average, websites have a domain rating between 40 and 50. If you’re aiming for a domain rating that’s considered good, 50 to 60 will do you right. But if you want to get ahead of the majority, you should aim to get a domain rating of 60 or above.

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