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Want to write great content — fast? Content writing isn’t something that comes naturally to most entrepreneurs. Creating high-quality content, writing an article, or producing a blog post can seem to take FOREVER… But it doesn’t have to!

Creating high-quality content won’t happen instantaneously, but it shouldn’t burn up your whole workday. I’ve got eight great content writing tips for how to write an article quickly and keep your audience coming back for more. Watch this video to learn:

1. How to flip your internal script to become a better, faster writer.
2. 2 questions to determine the goal you want your content to achieve.
3. How to organize your ideas so you can write faster.
4. The key to keeping content short and sweet — without losing quality.
5. Why you need to create an editorial calendar before writing another word.
6. Why trying to edit while you write an article is slowing you down.
7. How to set a time limit for content creation.
8. A mantra to take the pressure off & bust through writer’s block, every time.

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